LV Tow Pros Launches New Types of Tow Truck Service In Las Vegas NV

Nov 18, 2019

November 19, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - A Las Vegas, Nevada towing company has announced that they now offer more types of towing services than ever before. That company is called LV Tow Pros. This is all part of their aggressive plan to meet every one of their customers’ towing needs in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. They have a towing solution for every person that calls them regardless of their vehicle's size or drive train configuration. This includes everything from light-duty to flat bed automobile hauling.

Company spokesperson Scott Solomon talked about this more by saying, “When we first started out in the towing business, we could not always accommodate every towing need that those that called us requested us to do. It takes a lot of pieces of towing equipment to handle the different types of vehicles on the roads today. Fortunately, over the years that has all changed as we sought to better satisfy our Las Vegas customer base. Now we offer everything from light to medium-duty towing services. Not only are we now offering more towing options than ever, but we have even added other roadside assistance services into the mix of things we do. We are always looking for ways to better help our customers.”

The company spokesman also talked about how responsive their tow truck service is when they get a call for help from a customer. They get to them just as quickly as possible. This is especially true when someone calls them for emergency roadside towing assistance. The company realizes that it’s not very safe for people to be stranded on the side of a highway or other major thoroughfare. LV Tow Pros will even dispatch their drivers to help 24-hours a day seven days a week. This includes late-night hours, weekends and even major holidays.

Solomon also mentioned that their tow truck drivers are very good at what they do because they bring much experience to the job. They have received some of the best training that’s available and all are certified towing professionals too. Their tow truck operators know the best methods for towing all the different types of vehicles that are made. Each of their tow truck drivers is also very courteous and understands that the needs of the customer come first.

One of their towing specialties is light-duty towing. A large majority of vehicles on the road today fall into this category. They can move lighter vehicles by flatbed hauler or by wheel-lift tow trucks depending on a vehicle’s specific towing needs. Their medium-duty towing services are perfect for larger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. They even can tow motorcycles or haul a vehicle long distance back to its home area. LV Tow Pros are very good at moving vehicles that have been severely damaged in accidents too.

The company also does not mess around when it comes to all-wheel-drive vehicles (AWD). They realize that these vehicles have very special towing needs because they have no axles that are freewheeling. AWD vehicles can have their drive trains damaged or even completely ruined if they are towed by conventional wheel lift wreckers. That’s why they will only use a flatbed car carrier to haul any all-wheel-drive vehicle. It does absolutely no harm to them when they are hauled using this towing method.

Their roadside assistance services provide a nice bonus for their customers. It covers such problems as a car that needs a jumpstart or has simply run out of fuel and needs a few gallons to get back underway. They are also prepared to do such things as change out a dead battery, open a locked car door or wench out a vehicle that has found its way into a ditch. Many times they have a driver right in the area when a customer calls them for roadside assistance and can get to them very quickly. More on their roadside assistance services can be read in this article here at

The company services a wide variety of Las Vegas area communities. This includes such places as Arden, Enterprise, Whitney, Spring Valley, and Winchester. More on the communities LV Tow Pros serves, the towing services that they offer, and their contact information can be found on their website which was linked to above.


For more information about LV Tow Pros, contact the company here:

LV Tow Pros
Scott Solomon
(702) 832-2885
LV Tow Pros
3700 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

ReleaseID: 60032399



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