Apr 12, 2021

Louisville KY Air Quality Equipment Maintenance/Emergency Furnace Repairs Launch

D&M Service Company has launched newly updated air quality equipment consultations and furnace maintenance services for Louisville homeowners ranging from South and East Louisville to Fern Creek, Oldham County and other areas.

Apr 12, 2021

Work Injury Attorney Orange County Discusses the More Common Workplace Accidents

April 13, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Alexander D. Napolin, a prominent work injury attorney Orange County, has successfully handled many different types of workplace injury-related cases in his career. He is also a lawyer that feels that a large number of potential workplace injury cases never get litigated. This is because injured workers many times are not aware of the different types of common work injury situations that they may be entitled to some compensation for. It’s a topic that he firmly believes needs to be discussed in more detail. Attorney Napolin says, “When someone goes to work each day the last thing that they should have to worry about is getting injured while on the job. Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and when they don’t, injured workers are entitled to be made whole again through the court system. This includes getting their medical treatments paid for and also includes reimbursement for lost wages and monetary settlements if their injury is severe enough that it impacts their future earnings. One of the problems that I see is that many employees are not aware of what workplace mishaps are ones they should at least seek legal advice on how to handle them. That’s why I thought it would be good to discuss some of the more common types of work-related injury cases I have handled in the past.” This respected Orange County, California personal injury attorney went on to say that among the most common causes of workplace injuries are slip and fall accidents. This happens frequently in businesses such as auto shops where lubricants often get spilled on the floor and in office settings after floors and bathrooms have just been mopped. He also mentioned injuries to workers that have been hit by falling objects. These are common worksite injuries that are suffered by those that work in warehouses, home improvement centers, and other places where supplies and goods are stored at a height above a person’s head. Attorney Napolin also talked about how employers bear responsibility if they do not provide adequate safety gear, work station training, or expose their employees to harmful chemicals and these result in injuries. Workplace accidents also occur due to such things as understaffing in a work area, a company failing to properly maintain their equipment, and when OSHA workplace safety guidelines have not been strictly followed. Attorney Napolin went on to discuss some of the other types of accident injury cases that he specializes in besides workplace injuries. This includes the vast amount of experience this Orange County car accident lawyer has handling injury situations that are related to moving vehicles. He says that he has also been very successful when it comes to litigating medical malpractice, product liability, and a wide variety of personal injury cases. His practice also handles bankruptcy and non-accident-related employment law. Those that have had Attorney Napolin handle their injury cases for them have been very pleased with the results. Luanna Gazze wrote, “Mr. Napolin was not only very attentive but also super helpful. He gave great advice during the times we had spoken and fought extremely hard to make sure that all my concerns were met and all my needs were fulfilled. Even as a busy man, he always found time to get back to me as well. The relationship he created was very appreciated because Mr. Napolin shows that he cares about you not only as a client but as a person.” Roman Pascual proclaimed, “I would like to start off by thanking Alex and his entire staff at Napolin Law for handling my case in a very professional matter. I would definitely recommend Alex and his team to all my friends, family, and anybody out there in need of a law firm that really knows how to take care of their clients.” Attorney Napolin added, “My case results are meaningful to me, but my greatest achievement is the overall positive impact my work has on the life of each of my clients.” His legal practice has a Better Business Bureau top rating of A+ and all his firm’s legal representation work is undertaken with a ‘No win – No Fee’ promise. Those who would like more information on the legal services that these SOCAL Injury Lawyers handle, can call them, write them an email, or fill out the ‘Free Case Review’ form that’s found on their website’s homepage. ###For more information about Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, contact the company here:Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange CountyAlexander D. Napolin714-451-2006hurt@napolinlaw.com2230 West Chapman Avenue, Ste. 234Orange, California 92868ReleaseID: 60042447

Apr 12, 2021

LinkedIn Prospect Acquisition Course/Lead Generation Strategy Sessions Updated

A LinkedIn lead generation training specialist has updated its programs with a short course on one of its methods, offering businesses a concise and practical overview of its advantages.

Apr 12, 2021

Pearsall TX Diesel Truck Servicing – DOT Compliant Engine Repairs Launched

Jourdanton, TX-based Cowboys and Engines LLC, available on +1-855-921-5077, launch expanded commercial truck repair services for drivers in Atascosa County, Pearsall and the San Antonio area.

Apr 12, 2021

Redding CA Real Estate Listing Search Platform For Buyers And Sellers Launched

Home buyers and sellers in Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Shasta Lake City, Shingletown, and Palo Cedro, CA have access to a recently launched search site featuring all the homes listed on the MLS.

Apr 12, 2021

Black Female Accounts Receivable Expert Teaches Small Businesses to Stay In Business With Her 1st Book

Collect The CashFrederick, Maryland Apr 12, 2021 ( - Dee Bowden of Frederick, MD's upcoming book, Collect the Cash will be released on April 20, 2021. Dee Bowden is on a mission to help small businesses grow their financial bottom line, during these challenging times, by sharing her unique 3 step program to revenue recovery. Dee believes small businesses fall prey to revenue loss because of poor accounting strategies. Dee Bowden shows small business owners that Cash Flow is the lifeline of their business because after working so hard to get the sale, as a small business owner you should not have to work even harder to get paid. Every minute spent on collecting overdue invoices is another minute taken away from a small business owner building their family legacy. An honest day's work should always result in an honest day's pay. Dee Bowden makes it her personal responsibility to teach small business owners to Collect Cash, so they do not become one of the 82% of businesses that fail because of poor management of cash flow, which is tremendously helpful to entrepreneurs of color and those hardest hit during this pandemic. The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!  Collect The Cash!  Media ContactDee Bowdeninfo@collectthecash.biz Source :BCS Solutions This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Apr 12, 2021 to showcase Taiwan’s hardware innovations for EISENWARENMESSE

Online showcase is quickly growing into a post-pandemic trend. At such a junction, forming a comprehensive online sourcing strategy is essential to global businesses as they recover from COVID-19 and prepare for a new sourcing landscape. To help with the efforts, Taiwantrade, the official B2B e-commerce portal of Taiwan, is presenting an online exhibit featuring the latest products from Taiwan’s hardware and hand tool innovators starting March 15, which is also the time that EISENWARENMESSE, an anchoring point of the global hardware industry, was usually held., Taiwan's foremost B2B portal, will be presenting an online exhibit featuring the latest products from Taiwan’s hardware and hand tool innovators starting March 15. The exhibit is joined by leading manufacturers like Cheer Way Technology Co., Ltd. and D&D Builders Hardware Co. The exhibit will feature hand tools, industrial supply, fasteners and fixings, fittings, DIY home improvement equipment, and sanitary ware.   See the complete online showcase from top Taiwanese manufacturers:   Quality Suppliers Taiwantrade manages the risk for you by helping you source certified products from reliable suppliers. The legal existence of each supplier on Taiwantrade is verified by TAITRA using the Taiwan government’s database. Further verification is carried out by third-party verification firms.   Product Certification To make it easier for you to find products that meet your safety requirements, every product entry on Taiwantrade is accompanied by its certification information. At a glance, you can see if a product is certified according to your needs. Taiwantrade’s certification policy also encourages supplier members to stay up-to-date with global safety standards, maintain consistent quality levels, and aim for the highest customer satisfaction possible. Vast choice of quality suppliers and products Over 90% of Taiwan’s exporting companies are here to give you their most comprehensive and updated product information with quality standards safeguarded by TAITRA and third parties. is organized by the Taiwan government and operated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). With, buyers everywhere can access a huge selection of product catalogs covering more than 660,000 products from quality Taiwanese suppliers.'s sourcing services are available free for buyers so they can connect with suppliers from Taiwan with speed and ease. There are currently 70,000+ registered Taiwanese suppliers on The website is in partnership with major international third-party verification firms to further ensure the quality and reliability of its supplier members.   The exhibit is now holding online starting March 15th, 2021. For more about Taiwantrade's buyer services, visit

Apr 12, 2021

Chantal Gray on Embracing Intuition and Conquering Self Doubt

Chantal Gray talks about her challenges, the realities of self-doubt, and how the answer lies inside you As long as she can remember, she always been different and always had this need to help others.   As a child, when it came to fitting in with people in school, she did not feel like anyone else. Between the age of 5 to 14, Chantal struggled with her speaking voice. One of those people that kept a lot of her emotions in but this turned into physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, name it, she had it all.   Through these times, I would run to sports. I was in basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, and field, you name it, she was there. As she looks at life now, sports were an outlet because she had the ability to speak through movement. Chantal won many awards throughout her athletic days. There was a turning point in my life where I felt like an imposter. While I was in my varsity basketball team in college, she won numerous awards including 1st team all-star and scoring league champion but during this time, Chantal asked herself “Why am I still sad?” “Why I’m I not fulfilled?”   See also:   Chantal Gray knew a spiritual awakening had to happen. Healing was the answer. She was on a quest to find her path. It had nothing to do with what was outside of the world but was inside her soul. This has been a 10-year journey for this lady. Her credentials along the way have been a psychology degree, background in nursing, and a Reiki practitioner.   Amid the COVID-19 crisis, people have been dealing with changes at an accelerating rate. The feeling of being lost and the unknown is rising. Chantal Gray is an Intuitive Strategist. She helps people gain awareness to find holistic success. Her approach is for people to take the lead and navigate their intuitive compass.   Learning and helping “YOU.” Her best advice to find success in their life could be wrapped up in one quote: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”-Viktor Frankl When it comes to success, she said “It is being aligned with helping myself and others. In addition, creating happiness in all aspects of life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).”   To learn more about Chantal Gray, connect with her on:   IG: @theoptimusyou     Media Contact Company Name: The Optimus You Contact Person: Chantal Gray Email: Send Email City: Toronto State: Ontario Country: Canada Website:

Apr 12, 2021

Jeremy’s Live Worldwide Launches Two-Way Livestreaming Social Network

Jeremy’s Live, an all new meaningful, Livestream Social Lifestyle Network of authentic, rewarding and meaningful connectivity and opportunities    Nevada, USA – Jeremy’s Live Worldwide, LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of an entirely new multi view, two-way live stream interactive portal that will link artisans, instructors and services of all kinds to consumers directly, home to home.    Jeremy’s Live is projected and seen in a round view, to provide a signature of its unique and rewarding social and lifestyle community of connectivity.    The Web-Based and Mobile Apps, is an entirely new platform which includes Two-Way/Multi view music livestreaming so that musicians can see their fans again.  There’s one step for the fans to tip the musicians, or buy tickets and a multitude of new features for both the artists and fans.  Musicians and stars can hear the roar of the collective applause again from their fans and listeners.    Jeremy’s Live Worldwide also offers a feature called Chef’s Table so chefs can cook from home and send fresh food, hot or cold to the user’s home and in the meantime, chat face to face with the customer, kitchen to table, home to home. This is a “game-changer” during the Covid19 pandemic bringing people closer together and back to work, through food and conversation. Never has this been done before and certainly never done in such a fully enriching and rewarding interactive way.    Jeremy’s Live Worldwide, has a lifestyle and exercise, two-way and student interactive multi-view, live stream classroom, for a wide range of fitness and wellness instructors and students.    Jeremy’s Live Worldwide has a shopping portal to provide sales people the tools to speak face to face with customers, this will replace the “picture and type” consumers have become accustomed to, with current on line shopping options.   All of the four launch circles have one step payment capability and a full customer initiated rating and review system as well as many other unique and innovative features.   Jeremy’s Live is a multi view, live stream interface for a whole broad range of arts, services and products, an entirely new social lifestyle network that the consumer curates themselves.    Jeremy’s Live promises to become a brand new “real lifestyle” social network that creates new livelihood opportunities and the most authentic and meaningful connections yet achieved on the internet.    Jeremy’s Live will certainly be the next and new, real user curated, lifestyle social network that creates livelihood with the most authentic and meaningful connections yet achieved, on the internet to date.     “Current social media and online shopping platforms from now forward, will look clearly behind the times and dated”, founder and creator Jeremy Kidson said.   To learn more about Jeremy’s Live Worldwide, kindly visit:       Media Contact Company Name: Jeremy’s Live Worldwide, LLC Contact Person: Jeremy Kidson Email: Send Email City: Kamala State: Phuket Country: Thailand Website:

Apr 12, 2021

Bussr Rolls Out Nekla digital Payments for Millions of Users

Singapore-based transport disruptor Bussr has announced it will offer its passengers a digital payment option through payment innovator Nekla, allowing millions of underbanked users to pay for their services easily.   Bussr, the world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobility platform, is looking to make its services global in every sense of the word after announcing the rollout of its pioneering digital payment platform, Nekla.    Bussr's Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology serves both as a mobile app for private travelers and a full journey ticketing, payment, and fleet management solution for cities and enterprises. Its leading AI platform continuously monitors millions of data points to help large-scale transport operations perform at optimal efficiency for both passengers and operators.    Bussr is backed by high-profile investors, such as Bridford Group, Peng Ong of Monk's Hill, Le Mercier Group, Jack Selby of Thiel Capital, Altitude Partners, Angela Huang, Duncan Clark, Founder of China BDA, Alibaba early investor and author of the book 'The House That Jack Ma Built, Andrew Huang of Fountainvest, and Alfa Intelligence Capital. There are also strategic angel investors from Facebook, PayPal, Lyft, Spotify, Zoom, Didi, and Impossible Foods.    Bussr currently operates across more than 500 cities, with over 830 transport operators, 60-plus payment partners, and more than 100,000 retail stores.    While Bussr has already seen more than 12 million passengers use their platform in less than two years, they believe Nekla’s digital-based payment platform will allow them to be genuinely ubiquitous on a global scale.   A challenge Bussr has been facing, and that Nekla addresses, is meeting the demand from emerging markets. As it stands in 2021, 1.7 billion adults are still locked out of the conventional banking system, even though half a billion of that population have access to the internet.    That means over a third of the planet’s adult population is unbanked, and therefore does not have proper control of their finances. For Bussr, that means millions of customers who want to use their platform, but have no reliable way of paying.   Nekla’s technology can address the issues of providing the underbanked or unbanked with access to money, all while benefiting from its inherent strengths of trustworthiness and transparency. However, what really captured Bussr’s imagination was how Nekla could make digital payments completely beginner-friendly, and therefore accessible to millions of people. Despite the headlines about the groundbreaking technology of financial technologies, it is far from reaching mass adoption worldwide. After all, most people don’t have time to study the inner workings of advanced technology or complex algorithms to make a simple payment.   Nekla believes that they can bridge that divide between the real world and the digital finance space to trigger the global, mass uptake of digital finance with a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use payment and lending platform.   Nekla’s solution to this lofty goal is a global payment ecosystem that is accessible to anyone with a humble $30 smartphone and data access. Download the app, deposit local currency online from a third-party financial service provider, or cash in retail stores. The user then has digital currency that can be used almost anywhere on earth.  This will allow Bussr to rapidly expand the scope of their operations into the 5.7 billion people in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and beyond. It’s numbers like that which make Bussr believe they will earn a large share of the global transit and ground passenger transportation market that is predicted to reach US$908.8 billion by 2027.   Nekla is the flagship project of Bussr Technologies and has been founded by Silicon Valley and Wall Street pioneers who have banded together to make Finance accessible to everyone on the planet.   A wealth of talent and experience is needed to bring such a vast vision to reality, which thankfully, Nekla has in abundance. Nekla’s leaders spearheaded the world's largest internet ventures, led major digital transformation projects for governments and global consulting firms like PwC and Deloitte, and guided industry titans, acting as Microsoft's Chief Architect, and Google's Enterprise Architect in a billion-customer market.    With that experience and knowledge behind them, and the backing from influential partners, Nekla believes they can make Digital Finance the new norm for mass-adopted payments and lending around the world.       Media Contact Company Name: Bussr Technologies Contact Person: HA Email: City: Singapore Country: Singapore Website:

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