Jun 24, 2021

Irish Company eCentres Changing National SEO Landscape

Irish Company eCentres SEO Ireland has been changing the Irish SEO landscape and helping customers rank and win more custom. It is now more important to use search engine optimization (SEO) to promote a website. It is even easier to use SEO to get new business. Even though keywords are still important, one no longer have to focus on keyword optimization. Here are the best on-page and off-page SEO strategies to use to maximize a website’s online presence. It is easy for most people to forget to build links to their websites. However, do not just get links from popular press releases and websites. It is now more important to get high-quality links from relevant resources. Why? Firstly, one will generate direct traffic to their website from the relevant resources. It is easy to rank for high competition keywords on the top websites. Their articles will get organic traffic. And some people will visit their website. Secondly, they will get high-quality backlinks from these sources. If one decides to launch an SEO campaign, they must build quality backlinks. Search engines, such as Google, use backlinks as a ranking factor. So, they are more likely to rank websites with quality backlinks. Therefore, the need is to focus on building quality backlinks if they want to improve the authority of their website. According to eCentres SEO Ireland it is important to build links to a website. One can use SEO tools to create backlinks to their website. Use these tools to analyze the backlinks and the sources of the backlinks. It is better to create backlinks manually from the relevant sources. One can use relevant directories or contact webmasters in their industry. Some webmasters will link to their websites. If one already has a website, they need to check their site to know what is working. If some strategies are not working, stop doing them and focus more on the strategies that bring results. Identify what is working and spend more time doing them. Need help? Contact – eCentres SEO IrelandGrafton Street, DublinIreland+353 1 254 4587 Here are the tips for on-page SEO: Add the phrases and keywords to the alt image tags, page titles, internal linking, and meta tags to increase the rankings of the website. Search engines use this information to rank websites. Therefore, you need to use relevant keywords to get targeted traffic. It is important to have quality content on the website. One’s website might never rank if they do not have quality content. It is essential to write accurate, informative, and relevant content. Having quality content shows they are a credible source. And they need to update their content regularly. Media ContactCompany Name: ECentres SEO IrelandContact Person: Cormac ReynoldsEmail: Send EmailPhone: +353 1 254 4587State: DublinCountry: IrelandWebsite: Tweet

Jun 24, 2021

Create Stunning Face swap Videos and Photos with the Intuitive FaceMagic App

FaceMagic is an AI-based mobile application that allows users to swap faces to any video, photo, or GIF they want .Just choose a source material from the built-in asset library or upload from a phone and let FaceMagic do its magic — in a second, the users have a face fitted onto the body of their favorite friend, celebrity, politician, or YouTube star. What do people want more than anything? A face that looks like a celebrity’s — at least that’s what millions of face swap videos and pictures on social media suggest. On the other hand, the idea of pranking friends by swapping faces on their photos used to be a dream for many, but it has become a reality now. The days of relying on a computer program for face swapping are long gone, with mobile phone applications serving the purpose. Forget complicated photo editing software — now all it is needed is to snap a photo of a person and use the swap application to get it done. However, not every face swap app is created equal, and in the plethora of inefficient applications that provide limited features and unrealistic outcomes, FaceMagic emerges as the most competent choice. The AI-enabled application is powerful enough to complete this task in seconds. There’s no reason to use multiple apps to swap faces when now users can do it all with just one. FaceMagic lets users switch faces in videos, photos, and GIFs and has been designed to help users swap faces in a video with ease. The application developers have been hard at work to ensure that changing faces is super simple and have developed a deep fake technology through which all it is required is a single selfie to kickstart the magic. With a single tap of the screen, the users can instantly see what their face will look like on celebrity bodies or body types they’d never imagine The FaceMagic app comes with a novel feature that taps into the smartphone’s gallery to help users make funny videos. The new Face Video app invites users to get creative by swapping faces between people in the photo and video clips from their camera roll. This app also has an extensive collection of videos, GIFs, and updated images every regularly. The videos will be created in just a few seconds due to the High Generation Speed System, bringing extraordinary results with the app’s advanced AI Face Morphing Technology. “There is no other app in the app store that allows users to swap faces on personal content, especially videos. Anyone can upload any videos, photos, GIFs into the app, select any faces to do face-swap, & generate custom creations. We have tried our best to make it simple and easy to use… We are extremely excited about this launch, and after thorough testing, we are happy to finally release it,” said representative, FaceMagic. Share the laughs and make memories with family and friends by creating fun morphed pictures and videos with this new AI-powered application on the market. Take a picture, choose the best photo, let the app work its magic, and don’t forget to post on social media of choice and amaze friends and family with fantastic creations. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices. To download the application, use the information given below. Video Link: App Links iOS: Android: Media ContactCompany Name: FaceMagic AppContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: Send EmailCountry: United StatesWebsite: Tweet

Jun 24, 2021

Atlanta Doors and Closets Announces New Specials

Atlanta Doors & Closets, an Authorized One Day Doors & Closets Dealer, has announced its new specials for customers. The company specializes in the installation of doors and closets within a one-day timeframe using patented digital technology.

Jun 24, 2021

Sleep Underground: Offering a Wealth of Sleep Tips and Reviews to Help You Beat Insomnia

Many of us eagerly await summer every year, welcoming the return of longer, sunnier days after a long, dark winter. However, summer can bring its own issues. The long, warm days can be great for our social lives and mental health, but they can also seriously mess with our sleep patterns. Sleep Underground is a […]

Jun 24, 2021

Ace Gas Heater Service: New Site Showcases Premier, Reliable and Emergency Gas Heater Services for Sydney Residents

You probably don’t pay much attention to your gas heater – until it starts to fail or completely breaks. The fact is a malfunctioning gas heater can compromise both safety and comfort. Not only is there the danger of household fires or leakage of harmful pollutants, but you can be left in the cold. Ace […]

Jun 24, 2021

Piet Steele looks forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

On June 24, Piet Steel, president of the Special Olympics in Belgium and president of the Eurasia Center, addressed on the importance of the Olympic movement for international dialogue. Europe - Asia Center: Address by H.E. Piet Steel on importance of Olympic movement for int. dialogue. Via YouTube@Europe - Asia Center   He said,“Sport is a universal language and phenomenon, transcending national, religious and cultural boundaries. As such, it can facilitate dialogues and communications across cultures.The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised in accordance with Olympism and its values.。”   Talking about the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, he recalled the unforgettable moment when a Belgian woman won the gold medal in the high jump at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Belgium's Tia Hellebaut celebrates a successful jump,via Getty Images   “I am very much looking forward to the Winter Olympic Games in China and I’m a fan of winter sports. Just like Special Olympics, both of the events show through the spirit of sport how invaluable exchanges, dialogues and inclusion can be for everyone.” Piet Steel added.

Jun 24, 2021


Oklahoma researchers reveal research about the gig economy that can help small businesses to grow.   SHAWNEE, OK, June 28, 2021 – Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Paul Dickinson College of Business recently released research on the gig economy to help small businesses grow. This research evaluated the importance of the freelance market, utilizing popular websites like This research was a collaborative effort between faculty and graduate students.   Dr. Daryl D. Green and Dr. Xan Polk are both established scholars. Dr. Green is an associate professor at OBU, while Dr. Polk serves as associate professor of management and marketing at King Union’s Knoxville campus (TN). The other authors who contributed significantly to the research are Ms. Kelsey Doughty, Ms. Michelle Carr, and Ms. Devan Costa-Cargill; these individuals are OBU MBA graduates. These inquisitive students produced the groundwork for this research as a class assignment in Dr. Green’s class. Additionally, Mrs. Heidi O’Donnell, who is a doctoral student at Liberty University, contributed meaningfully to this case study.   MEET OUR RESEARCH TEAM     Dr. Daryl Green   Dr. Xan Polk   Ms. Michelle Carr   Ms. Kelsey Doughty   Ms. Devan Costa-Cargill   Mrs. Heidi O’Donnell   With the onslaught on Covid in 2020, most businesses relied on digital platforms. Some businesses operating remotely could not locate local talent to meet their needs. Welcome to the New Normal. The gig economy is transforming societies across the globe. promises experts representing every technical, professional, and creative field on its platform serving over 47 million users that project managers will find freelancers seeking work.   In this scholarly research, OBU faculty and students provide insight into the gig economy, explores a website called, and share how others, such as small businesses, can utilize these freelance services.  Most Americans are familiar with Uber and Airbnb in the freelance industry. However, there are lots of more businesses.   According to one study, there are about 1.1 billion freelancers across the globe. In fact, there are lots of more businesses operating on Yet, finding the right freelancers is a difficult task because there are too many options on freelance websites. Some websites provide inferior or poor-quality service providers. Therefore, buyers need to beware.   Dr. Green, who coordinated this study, argues the significance of this research for small businesses: “I enjoyed working with my research team. I was honored to work with these brilliant ladies. This work on the gig economy is needed especially during this pandemic. Most small businesses have limited resources. Freelancers can infuse new energy into an organization. This research can be very beneficial to today’s small businesses by leveraging the power of the gig economy to secure great freelance talent to maximize their performance.”   In closing, this case study was significant during Covid-19 because the research will assist future scholars and practitioners with freelance websites like in the gig economy.   For more information about the research, visit:   If you want more information about this research or want assistance with your organization, please contact Mr. Kenny Day at   About Paul Dickinson College of Business The Paul Dickinson College of Business is a part of the Oklahoma Baptist University. The Christian-based institution aims to meet the needs of individuals pursuing a bachelor's degree in business, providing the skills needed to achieve success in contemporary professional careers as a leader. The business degree programs of the Oklahoma Baptist University are accredited and acknowledged by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Media Contact: Kenny Day Oklahoma Baptist University Phone: 405-585-5401 Email: 500 W. University Street Shawnee, OK 74804 Tweet

Jun 24, 2021

THE DRIPBaR Opens In Fort Collins, Colorado, Offers IV Therapy and More

THE DRIPBaR, a franchised operation, has opened a location in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company specializes in health and wellness services, including IV infusion, IV therapy, and IM quick shots. Weight loss and longevity programs and additional services are offered.

Jun 24, 2021

Noble Network Content Marketing – Google First Page Ranking Solutions Launch

Local business owners in Hialeah, Florida, can now improve their online presence and gain new customers with Noble Network's effective local content marketing solutions. Clients can book a no-obligation discovery call on their website.

Jun 24, 2021

Rahul Mewawalla Appointed to Board of Directors of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (NASDAQ:RMCF)

Durango, Colorado Jun 25, 2021 ( - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. (NASDAQ: RMCF) (the "Company"), which franchises gourmet chocolate and confection stores and manufactures premium chocolates and other confectionery products, today announced the appointment of Mr. Rahul Mewawalla to the Company's Board of Directors (the "Board"), effective June 18, 2021. "We are thrilled to have Rahul Mewawalla joining our Board," said RMCF CEO and Chairman of the Board, Bryan Merryman. "Mr. Mewawalla's expertise using and developing multiple technology platforms to accomplish transformative innovation aligns with the Board's strategic and operational vision for the Company. We believe this appointment will set the Company up to overcome the challenges of succeeding in a post-pandemic retail environment and it is a definitive "win" for the Company, its stockholders, customers, and franchisees." Mr. Mewawalla is a digital, technology, product, and business leader. He has extensive strategic and operational leadership experience with digital, technology, Internet, software, communications, financial services, and media companies. He served as Chief Executive Officer/President of Xpanse, Inc. and concurrently as Executive Vice President, Platforms and Technology Businesses and Chief Digital Officer at Freedom Mortgage Corporation from 2020 to 2021. He served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Zenplace, Inc. from 2014 to 2020. He previously held leadership roles at Nokia Corporation, NBCUniversal Media/General Electric Company, and Yahoo! Inc. Mr. Mewawalla has also served as a board member, investor, and advisor to various private companies and non-profits. He holds a BBS from the University of Delhi and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. About Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc., headquartered in Durango, Colorado, is an international franchiser of gourmet chocolate, confection, and self-serve frozen yogurt stores and a manufacturer of an extensive line of premium chocolates and other confectionery products. As of June 22, 2021, the Company, through its subsidiaries and its franchisees and licensees operated 381 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and self-serve frozen yogurt stores in 39 states, Canada, South Korea, Qatar, the Republic of Panama, and The Republic of the Philippines. The Company's common stock is listed on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "RMCF."   Forward-Looking Statements This press release includes statements of the Company's expectations, intentions, plans, and beliefs that constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and are intended to come within the safe harbor protection provided by those sections. These forward-looking statements involve various risks and uncertainties. The nature of the Company's operations and the environment in which it operates subject it to changing economic, competitive, regulatory, and technological conditions, risks and uncertainties. The statements, other than statements of historical fact, included in this press release are forward-looking statements. Many of the forward-looking statements contained in this press release may be identified by the use of forward-looking words such as "will," "intend," "belief," "expect," "anticipate," "should," "plan," "estimate," "potential," or similar expressions. Factors which could cause results to differ include, but are not limited to: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic conditions on the Company's business, including, among other things, online sales, factory sales, retail sales and royalty and marketing fees, the Company's liquidity, the Company's cost-cutting and capital preservation measures, achievement of the anticipated potential benefits of the strategic alliance with Edible, Arrangements®, LLC and its affiliates ("Edible"), the ability to provide products to Edible under the strategic alliance, Edible's ability to increase the Company's online sales, changes in the confectionery business environment, seasonality, consumer interest in the Company's products, general economic conditions, the success of the Company's frozen yogurt business, receptiveness of the Company's products internationally, consumer and retail trends, costs and availability of raw materials, competition, the success of the Company's co-branding strategy, the success of international expansion efforts and the effect of government regulations. Government regulations which the Company and its franchisees and licensees either are, or maybe, subject to and which could cause results to differ from forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to local, state, and federal laws regarding health, sanitation, safety, building, and fire codes, franchising, licensing employment, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of food products and motor carriers. For a detailed discussion of the risks and uncertainties that may cause the Company's actual results to differ from the forward-looking statements contained herein, please see the "Risk Factors" contained in Item 1A. of the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2021. Additional factors that might cause such differences to include, but are not limited to: the length and severity of the current COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on among other things, factory sales, retail sales, royalty and marketing fees and operations, the effect of any governmental action or mandated employer-paid benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Company's ability to manage costs and reduce expenditures and the availability of additional financing if and when required. These forward-looking statements apply only as of the date hereof. As such they should not be unduly relied upon for more current circumstances. Except as required by law, the Company undertakes no obligation to release publicly any revisions to these forward-looking statements that might reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release or those that might reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.Media ContactRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Source :Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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