Insider Trading Attorneys Defend Clients From Insider Trading Charges

Nov 18, 2019

November 19, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The Minneapolis, MN based Birrell Law Firm is pleased to inform the communities they serve that they are currently taking on new clients, especially those who are facing insider trading charges. Each MN identity theft attorney at the legal office frequently battles a broad variety of legal obstacles on their clients’ behalf, and they boast a long history of success ensuring that the latter receive a fair trial and are not unduly targeted by the law.

The firm strongly urges those accused of insider trading to seek out reliable and experienced legal counsel at their earliest opportunity in order to begin building their defense as soon as possible. They emphasize that, given the heavy consequences that defendants face in the event of a conviction, the accused party rarely (if ever) has a moment to spare to put together their case. As it follows, the Birrell Law Firm is pleased to reassure all potential clients that their cases will be heard promptly and be given the thorough consideration they deserve during their initial consultation.

They explain, “Insider trading is a white-collar offense that is often associated with Wall Street investors and corporate insiders who earn millions of dollars trading on information that is often not available to the public. This includes insider trading by hedge funds, consultants, and third-party research analysts. Charges of insider trading are primarily designed to prevent corporate insiders from unfairly taking advantage of, and profiting from, access to material nonpublic information.” Learn more about Birrell Law at their website and other online resources.

They clarify, “The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) prohibits insider trading under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 15 USC 78j (the “Exchange Act”), Rule 10b-5, 17 CFR Section 240.10b-5 and other statutes. This SEC Rule also prohibits securities fraud against the unsuspecting investment public.”

Given that clients in these positions often work lengthy hours and so may be inclined to believe that they can delay legal counsel since they are innocent, the firm suggests this is not the case. Prosecutors and judges take insider trading charges extremely seriously, as crimes of this nature can affect hundreds and thousands of unsuspecting victims, if not more. Should a client suspect that they are somehow involved in insider trading, they are advised to speak with their lawyer on the matter at once, even if an actual charge has yet to be made.

They also warn that no one should assume that they are above the law or beyond its reach. The SEC’s successful cases against individuals such as television icon Martha Stewart and former McKinsey global head Rajat Gupta attest to this fact. “A charge of insider trading can have serious criminal and civil consequences for the accused,” says the firm. “In fact, frequently, the accused will face parallel investigations by both the US Attorney’s Office and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, local state authorities are increasingly pursuing securities fraud prosecutions, including insider trading cases.”

Notably, innocent parties are not the only individuals who merit the right to an attorney, nor are they the only ones who would benefit from an expert’s legal counsel. As the firm notes, “People who are facing accusations of insider trading should consult with a criminal defense attorney before making any decisions. Even if you are considering accepting a plea deal, it is still prudent to have an insider trading defense attorney from Birrell’s Criminal Defense team go over the facts with you, rule out the possibility that any procedural violations or evidence gaps may exist that could lead to a dismissal, and attempt to negotiate a better plea deal with the prosecutor. Contact us today to work with a team that is committed to helping you achieve the best outcome.”

Those who wish to learn more or schedule a consultation with the firm may contact Ian Birrell of the Birrell Law Firm to get started. More information is available on their website, and clients are welcome to reach out to the firm through their preferred social media platforms to make further inquiries and stay up to date with their latest news and announcements. Additionally, the firm encourages their clients to learn more about identity theft charges as well. A primer on this subject can be found here: Birrell Criminal Defense - Identity Theft Law.


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