Thermopeutic Shares Tips To Speed Up Recovery From Rotator Cuff Surgery

Nov 18, 2019

November 19, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Las Vegas, Nevada based Thermopeutic, a company responsible for manufacturing a variety of sports injury recovery products, is reaching out to their clients in order to share advice on speeding up their recovery. While these tips may benefit any person in need whether or not they own the company’s products, Themopeutic asserts that the items in their store can boost recovery speeds even more if used in conjunction with their advice.

Jim Chao, Co-founder of Thermopeutic, says, "Suffering an injury during a training session or competition can be devastating and demoralizing as it will most likely keep you away from sports for a couple of months. I am an athlete myself, so I am very familiar with these kinds of injuries. Over the years, I have learned recovery techniques from others and found some myself that help minimize the time it takes to recover fully from these common injuries. We wanted to share these recovery tips to help athletes out there have a speedy recovery and get back to practicing the sports they are most passionate about."

Over the course of several years, Chao says he realized that the best way to ensure a speedy recovery was the RICE method. This technique is an amalgamation of other, smaller techniques that serve to supplement each other’s effectiveness when used together. It combines rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the affected areas of the body to promote healing. As Thermopeutic notes, athletes may increase the effectiveness of the RICE method by pairing it with their reusable ice packs.

Chao says, "The one thing that we advise our customers above all else is to have extensive rest and to avoid putting weight on the injured area for 48 hours following the incident. This is the most basic advice, but it is commonly overlooked and underestimated as most believe that it will not make a significant difference. In my experience, resting fully after your injury is the best you can do if you want to recover quickly."

The company also suggests that athletes use cold compresses in addition to resting, as they will help alleviate inflammation and soreness. They state that the cold packs they provide are designed with this in mind, manufactured through a proprietary formula that maintains the cold up to twice as long as other cold packs, thereby ensuring a more effective treatment for their customers. They also come with high-quality compression straps to ensure that their customers have the support they need.

Notably, these injury recovery tips have been available for a while on the company's Amazon page for their Thermopeutic reusable ice pack. Many of their customers have expressed how helpful these tips have been and others have complimented the quality of the product itself, including how it has helped them recover.

One of their most recent customer reviews comes from a customer who used the Thermopeutic product after undergoing rotator cuff surgery. Steve Werner states, "I just had rotator cuff surgery and was looking for an easy to apply a cold pack. I am so glad I came across the Therapeutic Reusable Ice Pack for injuries and pain relief. Upon opening the box, I was impressed by the quality of the materials and workmanship of this ice pack. It was exactly what I needed for pain and swelling relief from doing my at-home physical therapy. I was especially pleased it included a strap extension as I am a large person. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a quality ice pack that is easy to use not only for what I needed it for but for many other applications. I can see why it earned the Amazon Choice designation. On top of all this, it is a great value for the price."

Thermopeutic has invited athletes who struggle with their recovery to inquire about their ice pack, especially since it is ranked among the best cold packs on Amazon. Each ice pack comes with a lifetime warranty and is made with high quality leak-proof plastic and non-toxic gel, ensuring the safety of its users. More information is available here: Rotator Cuff Ice Pack.


For more information about Thermopeutic, contact the company here:

848 N. RAINBOW BLVD. #4789

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