Forex Markets in Taiwan and Asia: Jadesan Capital Investments

Nov 18, 2019

Jadesan Capital Investments, a leading investment firm based in London, has recently organized a dialogue in Taiwan.

November 19, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ —

Jadesan Capital Investments, a leading investment firm based in London, has recently organized a dialogue in Taiwan on the 11th November to discuss the current Forex market in Taiwan and Asia.

The event was graced by Jadesan Capital Investments Chief Executive Officer, Adam Slipstone, and Jadesan Capital Investments Asia Pacific Chief Forex Consultant, Dato Jimmy Wong. The dialogue was attended by over 200 people.

Mr. Slipstone mentioned in his keynote speech that Taiwan was a country with a blossoming economy and innovative investments, with these two aspects enabling the country to become an attractive destination for Forex brokers and traders.

Taiwan has been a country developing economically as it has in place proper management structures with promising and inviting policies on open investments and trade.

Asia is expected to witness a fast growth in investments in the near future with an estimated share of global gross domestic product in emerging markets to reach 47% in 5 years, and surpass the GDP of developed economies by 2029.

The recent U.S and China trade-war might discourage investors, however, Mr. Slipstone pointed out that the longer-term view presents good opportunities as incomes are rising, consumers are upgrading spending habits, and as innovation continues to play a larger role in Asia’s growth.

Jadesan Capital Investments has for the first time in the firm’s history, expanded their products and services to countries in the Asia-Pacific in 2019.

State-owned banks in Asia are generally known to be slow to serve innovative financial products to individual customers at scale. It is not surprising then that large and established financial companies are stepping in to fill the void left by banks.

Innovation in the financial sector is spreading quickly across Asia, abetted by large companies in more developed countries making investments in emerging and frontier markets. And the potential for financial services has only begun to be tapped, as overseas firms make plans for expansion beyond payments and lending into savings products, insurance, investment brokerage and more.

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